Altered Carbon 1.1 – Golden Poison

Altered Carbon



  • All Envoys are dead except one
  • Takeshi Kovac is serving a life sentence
  • Not as a body, but only with his consciousness, the stake
  • After 250 years, he is brought back and gets a new body, the sleeve
  • He is hired by the great industrialist Lawrence Bancroft to solve his own murder
  • He should then get money, leave of absence and a sleeve of his own
  • He accepts the job after violent mental struggles
  • Takeshi retires to the Hotel Raven, an AI

In the 26th century, several, with human-like beings, populated planet are already known. At this time, it is already possible to digitize the consciousness and store it in a memory. The data structure of such elements is referred to as DHF (Digital Human Freight). The separation of body and mind is complete. It is largely dualism, which revives the mental attitude of Rene Descartes. In particular, the rich from the industrial milieu can afford a new body after their real death. In this so-called sleeve then the contents of consciousness are downloaded. So there are already people on Planet Earth several hundred years old. One of them is Lawrence Bancroft at about 300 years old.

On another planet, things did not go so peacefully. There the natives, called Envoys, were exterminated. A human-like race that already had superhuman abilities without digital extensions. Takeshi Kovac’s last survivor was imprisoned for life. Due to the duality, however, only his consciousness / stake. After 250 years, he was brought back and should fulfill a special mission on planet Earth. Exactly at this retrieval Takeshi remembers his master Rave. He hears her voice:

  • The first thing you learn is that nothing is what it seems.
  • Forget your instincts, trust nothing and nobody
  • Gain experience, soak it up like a sponge
  • Do not expect anything, so you are prepared for anything

Completely contrary to our life today, Rave says: “You are not your body. You turn it off, like a snake your skin “. However, we humans are highly dependent on our bodies to stay as healthy and as long as possible. There is simply no evidence and possibilities for consciousness or soul to survive death.

After a serious “birth” Takeshi Kovac now recognizes himself in another body. He learns from the policewoman Kristin Ortega, that he was released from the spiritual prison only because he had a special mission to fulfill. He is to enlighten the murder of the powerful and wealthy industrial Lawrence Bancroft. Bancroft has a stake that uploads every 48 hours to biometrically secured storage. After the murder took place exactly 10 minutes before this transfer, he can not remember how he was murdered. It could also have been suicide. Despite all technical support, it was not possible to clarify this case. Now an Envoy with his extrasensory perceptions should solve the problem. At the first meeting with Bancroft: “Details are Envoy’s tools. Dive in and absorb completely, without prejudice and assumptions. “Takeshi clarified:” Envoys do not read minds but just perceive.”

Takeshi rejects the order, although he would be royally rewarded. He leaves Bancroft with:

Whatever answer you want to find,
she is there where you are not looking for her.

Takeshi has resolutely returned to the ice, his life-long prison, better here than living on earth. Kristin Ortega tries to prevent that, but does not succeed. Only after his master Rave again reports telepathic conversation and suggests to him:

“Do what you were born for”

He decides to accept the job. Envoys can adapt very quickly to the respective environment. So he moves into a virtual KI hotel, the Rave. There begins the fight.

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