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1.11 DigiTopia – Evolution of the Digital

The theory of evolution is proven to be one of the most studied scientific findings. The essential prerequisites for evolutionary processes are: time and randomness. Viable and reproducing systems are very stable, but always make small mistakes in the reproduction process. These affect the new parts (offspring). It could then be the case that they

1.6 DigiTopia – Cultural Code in the Digital

The coexistence of man has made him what he is – a social being. In linguistic, communicative exchange, common values and ideas can be socialized. Not only the one with the other determines the way of living together, but also very strongly the respective environment. So there are other behaviors and abilities when living as

1.5 DigiTopia – Big Data

From data to information Despite the rapid pace of digitization, reading books is still part of their lives for many people. Especially after a stressful day or on vacation you can relax by reading. You have a book in your hand, read a piece again, digress with your thoughts or are very concentrated. No matter