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The Christ Child – unintentionally but inevitably

Yes – we all know it. It was in Galilea in year 0. A young Jewish couple, not married but in love. Extra-marital sexual intercourse has led to pregnancy. Of course, this was a no-go in the Jewish culture of the time – as it is still today among fundamentalist supporters of any religion. It

God has moved – from the stable to a hut

If God wants to connect with people, He has many choices. He could let inexplicable phenomena occur, which people then give to him (nature religions). Also a message / information would be possible that we could decode and understand (Islam). It would be easiest if he spoke directly to us, for example about a burning


Spirit in the Cloud – Part 4 WestWorld Season 1 – Content Summary Dr. Robert Ford and his friend Albert are designing humanoid robots These work in the Western Park of the company DELOS to pacify the power and sexual needs of visitors. In the day, the story is based on a programmed story. At