Emergence -70 years of the People’s Republic

Spiritual derivations from the parade at Tian’anmen Square

One is obvious, the parade at Tian’anmen Square on October 1, 2019 was a demonstration of power. The television stations worldwide have reported on it in their news, each at the best airtime. It was mainly about the military part of the parade. Armament experts are able to gain insights into the state of the Chinese armaments.  As laymen we see drones, rocket carriers, moped helicopters, etc. We can only guess about their danger. But it triggers feelings of fear. But what touches us too deeply is the march of the troops. The step of the soldiers is nothing to be beat by anything. Not even a wink and certainly no side view can be seen. This requires a self-discipline such as that of competitive athletes and a corresponding training. The Western observer sees uniformed people of the same size, with equal faces, the same facial expressions and absolutely synchronous movement. The last time something like this was seen in Star Wars was with the Clone Warriors. No Chinese soldiers are still human beings. However, if technological developments  continue in this way, we may well use marching “Clones” at the next 10th anniversary. Synchronicity is urgently needed to exercise power, and that is what is demonstrated by the troop marches. Being in many places at the same time and being able to carry out actions at the same time increases efficiency, i.e. the impact.


But for real power (fig. 1) it takes a lot more. In any case, a face is required. With Xi Jinping, we have here a resting, benevolent, paternal figure. This is at least what it looks like when the troop parade is taking place. He also appears at the nightly event in a friendly nod, appreciative and benevolent. Real power is resting in itself, the bigger the quieter. This is how the world religions have taught us for many millennia. On the contrary, our Western leaders Donald and Boris with their noise, mostly for nothing. That’s show, not really power. Comparisons with the candidates of the recent Elections to the Austrian National Council must be made themselves.

Power means: “to enforce one’s own will with the other without his consent”. These others are now divided into four groups. Into the conformists, dissidents, populists and the elite. The latter are then the leaders who can afford a leadership person. The parade in Beijing also shows this.

It was not President Xi, nor the party officials, who devised such a spectacle, but the elite of information technicians. The more complex the world becomes, the smarter the elite must be to remain one. Hence the fight for artificial intelligence. The script for Parade was created by people this time. Although some parts of the evening event have already reached the limits of human intellect. Only the mass of employees has helped. At the latest at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, AI will be omnipresent.

Most of the population agrees with the ruling system, i.e. in accordance with it. This is not a Chinese phenomenon, but also applies to Western liberal social systems. The individual and his feelings have the highest priority here. According to Friederich Hegel, the spirit shapes the matter which led to capitalism. Karl Marx, on the other hand, believed that it was the other way around. Chinese communism has led to prosperity and thus voluntary conformity. The parade is also a demonstration of prosperity and luxury.  Not only that, but also a clear reference to personal freedom. The entire evening eat Tian’anmen place was dedicated to colorfulness, tradition and individualism. So much different folklore is rarely found in one place. Not a uniform uniform, but clothing according to the global fashion style. The warm laughter of the children and the exuberance of the youth may be rehearsed by the organizer, but it will have an impact on the Chinese spirit according to the Marxian social model. Uniformity is no longer needed for future systems. synchronicity, however, even more so. Now to the essential realization from the parade.

It’s emergence!

At the center of the performance were the “Plate-Actors”. A group of an estimated 2,000 people in glittering, silver full-body suits. Each of them was equipped with a “plate”. They look like the rectangular shield of a Roman legionnaire. With the addition that it is a remote controllable, colored LCD. Not only the display was controlled by a central panel, but also the actors themselves. They then received control instructions for their movement as before, back, since, fast, slow, bounce, turn, etc. So a repertoire of natural and human movements. In addition, they were given instructions regarding the display such as lifting, lowering, oblique or dropping. All instructions that do not require any special intelligence from the actor. What he must ensure, however, is the absolutely precise and immediate execution of the received instructions. He doesn’t need any feedback from his surroundings, not even swarm information such as proximity and distance to his neighbor is required. The actor is always aware of his actions. The spectators, especially those in the official gallery and TV viewers worldwide experience something quite different.


We see running Chinese characters, video clips about the founding of the People’s Republic, the Chinese flag flying, etc. All this appears on a screen with 150 *150 meters. The absolute highlight was dedicated to environmental protection. A small plant, still defenseless in the middle of a large meadow, the sun shines and raindrops fall down. With each drop, the plant absorbs nutrients from the soil.  A tree develops, a very powerful one. In the end, it also bears plenty of fruit.

The viewers see all this, and the actors know nothing about it. This is the phenomenon of emergence. Some describe it as: “The whole thing is more than the parts”. Emergence system consists of many parts that are in communication with each other (Fig.  2). With the study of the individual parts one will never recognize the phenomenon of the whole. Neuroscientists already know a lot about brain cells. But it is inconceivable to explain consciousness. Astrophysicists penetrate deeper and deeper into the cosmos. They will never experience its emergence in this way.


Now there are billions of brain cells, the Milky Way has just as many stars, and the Earth will soon have 10 billion inhabitants. Probably man is not the end of evolution, but only a passage post. As a hypothesis, let’s assume that we human’s emerald. Then we are just as concerned as the actors in Tian’anmen place. We know very well about ourselves. The bigger picture remains hidden from us.


Emergence is difficult to understand. This performance on the anniversary was all the more important. Politicians and C-levels are recommended the corresponding videos. We see the development of a plant into a richly bearing peach tree. This refers to the People’s Republic of China from being founded to the world’s strongest power with prosperity for all Chinese. A long way from the idea, to the script, to the program, to the actors, through the screens, into the eyes of the audience and as a knowledge into consciousness.


Those who believe in the Gaya hypothesis should keep an eye on China’s development. What works with 1.4 billion is likely to become global. The Earth is a living, thinking and conscious being.


Insights from the celebration at Tian’anmen place:

  • Synchronicity becomes more important than uniformity.
  • China gives room for color and form = individuality of the actors.
  • China has a diverse tradition and prides itself on it.
  • China unites the philosophies of Marx and Hegel.
  • The importance of the individual will increase slightly in China, in the West will decline painfully.
  • The Gaya hypothesis describes the Earth as a living, thinking and conscious being.
  • Emergence appears only from the billion-dollar threshold of parts.
  • The “Plate Show” was a lesson of emergence.
  • This requires enormous intelligence – the battle for AI has begun
  • China is on the verge of developing – networking level enormous (We Chat)
  • If you are a part of yourself, you will never understand it.
  • Old traditions have already known this – but could change with AI

Manfred Litzlbauer

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