The old gods fear for their power. That’s why Mr. Wednesday invited his colleagues to a meeting at the House on the Rock. However, not everyone came by far. Wednesday: “That’s enough to ignite the fire“. Laura Moon and Bilquist, who were not invited, came anyway. One might think that Mr. Wednesday does not trust young women too much.

The house on the rock is a kind of museum in which old artifacts are exhibited. For example, you can see and use a jukebox, an old coffee machine, a horoscope machine and even a circus carousel. All things that remind of a good old time. At a time when people still believed in the gods. Now people no longer need gods: “They are indescribably satisfied with t-shirts and hot dogs. But they are extremely dissatisfied. ” But what will happen in the future? In addition the horoscope automaton answers. Wednesday explains fate: “In the beginning, everything seems to be in vain but inescapable in retrospect”.

Obviously, it is only Odin who recognizes the danger of the new gods. Old Zorya does not want such a foolish war. The love goddess Bilquist has meanwhile arranged herself with the new gods. The non-present Ostara also sees advantages in the cooperation. Only Chernobog is waiting and thinks that he would strike when the time came.

Wednesday invites all gods to a carousel ride. It is an old circus carousel. He wants to use this experience to convince his companions of the necessity of a war against the new gods. So a carousel ride causes the following:

o As long as it is slow you can ascend and descend

o It starts to turn faster

o Fear or pleasure comes to

o You have to make the decision – ride on or off

o Then you are doing it or not

o The higher the speed the less clarity

o Both sides can only recognize the own world

o The passengers fall into a trance.

In this condition, the passengers merge with the carousel into one unit – everything is one. Thus, the thoughts of Odin are accessible to all others and hear his plea for the war:

Just because we are few does not mean that we have lost. When the people came to America they brought us and we gave them a better life in a new country. Our true followers have left us. So we survived on the margins of society. Forgotten gods in a godless land. The new gods have replaced us. “
Bilquis exploits the new gods to strengthen their power:”The new are good – the media brings me to the faithful (sex services). My power is getting stronger”.Your plea: ” Develop or die”.
Zorya: “We switched from one god of war to another. If I look out the window now, I will not see any more battles. It’s not a war.
Shadow: “I believe him – just help him“. He believes more in Wednesday than his wife, which warns him urgently from the old man.


A carousel ride brings people into another state of mind. The latest carousel is currently the vote in the English House of Commons to Brexit. Alone because just about one and the same is always voted. Similar to Mr. Wednesday, Mrs. May tries the carousel model. The old man associates this with fear as the Briton plays with time. However, they both do not find a majority.

However, some parliamentarians have already networked with the EU so far that they can no longer agree to Brexit. Bilquis also knows about the merits of the new gods and is against a war and would probably be against a Brexit. Zorya is an old and already tired goddess. She does not want this argument. In the EU, it is more likely to be the younger (Y-generation) do not like such games. In the series there is then the god Czernobog. He represents the industry 1.0 with his heavy hammer. However, he reserves the right to strike. Only then: “When the time has come“. Something like that can be found in the Brexit carousel again. There they are called “financial grasshoppers” and are banks that buy companies on the EU mainland. Regardless of Brexit, they are looking for companies that promise the highest returns. So the kingdom stays with the EU even after a BREXIT. Goddess Ostara was the only one who has already taken action against the new gods. She has deprived people of spring. Similar to how Nissan [TechnoBoy] wants to pull off the SUV’s production from the island.

The BREXIT carousel is gaining momentum. The faster it turns, the less the parliamentarians can see what’s happening around them. They only see themselves and the wooden horse they are sitting on. The rest of the EU can no longer understand them because they are already turning too fast. Nobody knows what they really want anymore.

The “House on the Rock” is a must for the Brexiters on both sides.

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