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1.11 DigiTopia – Evolution of the Digital

The theory of evolution is proven to be one of the most studied scientific findings. The essential prerequisites for evolutionary processes are: time and randomness. Viable and reproducing systems are very stable, but always make small mistakes in the reproduction process. These affect the new parts (offspring). It could then be the case that they

1.3 DigiTopia – Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud computing is already much older than the current digitization debate. The starting point was taken by the cloud in the virtualization of servers. In this case, several instances of an operating system were made executable on one and the same hardware. Similar to how multiple documents can be processed simultaneously on

1.1 DigiTopia – Analog-Digital Conversion

ANALOG-DIGITAL CONVERSION At the moment, it looks like the world is going to split in two. In the old, also referred to as “analog”, and in the new “digital” world. The latter describes systems that can be determined by two states. With the binary expressions 0 and 1, almost anything can be described, especially by