Assumptions about culture


Culture determines the coexistence of people. This is expressed in behaviours, common activities and by all supported ideas. In most cases, these are linked to standards and regulations, which are rarely available in writing. The Code is transmitted orally from generation to generation. As a result, culture was limited to a geographical area and one also speaks of a cultural area. Only with the advent of the Internet, and thus global communication, are global cultural spaces conceivable. Norms and behaviours are the determining force for the coexistence of a culture. If these are not observed by individual members of the respective cultural community, they will be sanctioned. Repressions in this regard have been and are very often found in religious communities. It is criminal, for example, if a woman in the Arab world is seen in public without veiling or, worse still, if she is sexually differently oriented, this could even lead to the death penalty.

The pressure that culture exerts on the individual can be very great and therefore has a very restrictive effect on personal freedom. But culture can also be something very beautiful and pleasant when you think of holiday, wine, food and leisure culture. One can join such cultural communities without having to reckon with obligations at the same time. Thus the degree of freedom of the individual increases – one can leave a grouping just as easily and quickly as one joins it. This increases cultural diversity as well as its acceptance.

In a technologically shaped world, this is also reflected by culture. Basically it can be assumed that culture is a consequence of technology. This in itself has always applied. First there was a hammer and a chisel and only after that Michael Angelo formed David. In earlier times, the hunter-gatherer, it was nature that determined the culture. In the global world, with the SmartPhone, everyone has almost the same technology and uses it very similarly. This multiple of like leads to a global culture of uniformity. Everyone has the mobile phone, the car, the music, the TV series – and all this contributes to the culture of equality.

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