The Christ Child – unintentionally but inevitably

Yes – we all know it. It was in Galilea in year 0. A young Jewish couple, not married but in love. Extra-marital sexual intercourse has led to pregnancy. Of course, this was a no-go in the Jewish culture of the time – as it is still today among fundamentalist supporters of any religion. It may therefore be assumed that this child was definitely not planned – probably even unwanted. Of course, this pregnancy, just like all unwanted, would have been avoidable. Love makes a lot possible.

As the Gospel of Luke continues, Mary and Joseph now have to go to Bethlehem to declare themselves at the behest of Emperor Augustus. There, these two were also unwanted. They did not find a hostel. Nevertheless, it was inevitable that Maria will have her child.

In this “time” the Romans were occupying power in Galilee. The occupying power was mainly interested in the taxes of the local population. Hence the entry in the tax lists. The Romans allowed all their subject peoples to maintain their religion and culture. Nevertheless, it was a foreign power of helplessness. The Romans were so strong back then that there was no way to get rid of them. So it is not surprising that external help (God) was longed for. Many prophets and self-proclaimed saviors were on their way. The child in the crèche should become the “Redeemer” par excellence.

Of course, the Romans were unintentional, but would have been avoidable. The Jews of that day, as well as the Israelis of today, would have had to increase their military power in such a way that the invasion of the Romans would have been too costly. Recent history has shown us that when in 1967 the Arabs had lost the Six-Day War. Much in life and in world history happens unintentionally and is also inevitable.

The Christ Child, later a young adult, is dissatisfied with the situation and begins his mission against injustice. On behalf of his “Father in Heaven” he begins to preach love. As is known, he will establish Christianity, that is, the religion of love.

Jesus extends the threefold love commandment known from Judaism to the expression of love of the enemy. This is something that seems almost impossible – to love one’s enemies. Even the Christian churches could not do that exactly. There are many examples of this in the European Middle Ages; Even worse probably the brutal proselytizing of South America. The Incas, Maya Aztecs, etc. did not want to become Christians either, but it was inevitable. A similar pattern as in the year 0 between Romans and Jews. The South Americans could not avoid the occupation by the Christian Europeans. They were simply too weak in their defense.

It turns out, then, that the unintended and inevitable always has to do with one’s own weakness. Unbalanced power relations lead to such developments. We are still struggling with this phenomenon today, as the example of digitization shows. None of us would like to become a glassy person, and yet – quite unintentionally – everyone contributes with his social media accounts. Of course, digital control is unwanted, but very likely unavoidable. The power struggle in this global economy has not yet been decided. The players are USA, China and Europe. If you use the “Unintentionally Unavoidable Principle,” the one who has the greatest power will win the victory. Not the military, but the economic one. It comes to a “game changer”. The Jews and the South Americans also had completely different rules for the Romans and Europeans. If you can impose your rules on others you have the advantage. It all goes completely astray from what the Christian culture understands by love.

The current world has become so complex that hardly anyone understands it. In such situations – as in Galilea back then, you need external help. The call for a higher power is getting louder. The greatest power in the world has always been God in the past millennia. Here and there it already shows itself, that humans turn again to a higher, divine instance. It does not say that it has to be a god of established religions. The “Game Changing” will also bring new players on stage here. It could come to a rule break, which then leads to the GAFAs also a rule break that they can not solve.

The well-known Jewish author Yuval Noah Hahari speaks in his book “Homo deus” about the god-making of man. Similar to the ancient gods, humans will be able to fly (drones), develop giant forces (exoskeletons), look into the future (AI) and much more – thus possess god-like powers. It might be true that humans develop such powers. It is probably no longer the liberal, individual human being, but a new organism that is more than the sum of people. For this, everyone would have to at least give a little bit of his individuality in favor of a larger whole. And that is exactly “unintentional but inevitable”.

Dear Christ Child, I hope that this will make the global powers flatten, that all people can enjoy the same prosperity and live in peace. That would be wanted and should be reachable.

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