Chengdu – Reality and Imaginary

A Two-Way Movement

After a strong and also successful working day in the car on the way home. Relaxation occurs and a slightly meditative state occurs. I drive along the road like on a line  through  landscape. Suddenly I have the feeling not only to drive in one direction, but at the same time to drive in the width, i.e. sideways. Which is at least physically unthinkable.

Each movement in the room follows a line. The point, be it a “transporter”, at one time has only the three degrees of freedom: in front, back, site, high or low. Currently, no means of transport is known with which one could drive in several directions at the same time. Even if the space is curved according to Einstein, it remains a line of this degree of freedom of movement. A ray of light or a spaceship then makes an arc.

Formula 1 racers take laps on the track and thus include an area. Nevertheless, they always stay on one line in one direction. The earth moves around the sun, this in turn in the Milky Way. Due to the ecliptic of the solar system, i.e. the oblique position to the galaxy, the movement of the earth follows a helix. So it describes the space of a tube. Nevertheless, it always remains only in line.

There are no real possibilities to move in two directions at the same time. In deep meditation, when a feeling of contentedness occurs, one could already have such an experience. People with such or similar experiences cannot describe them because they are outside our sensory horizons.

Mathematicians were already faced with the problem of finding solutions that were not within the definition of the real numbers as early as the 16th century. Ultimately, the system of  imaginary numbers was developed. A numerical line that stands perpendicular to the real numbers and is a consequence of negative roots. It is difficult to imagine, but it is a good thing to expect.  At the end of the day, this gives you more degrees of freedom.  The problem is solved from a mathematical point of view. Whether one can move simultaneously in real and imaginary space remains open.

An impression of simultaneous movement in reality and imaginary is given on a subway ride on line 1 in Chengdu. The Metro itself is nothing special. It corresponds to the “state often he art” of Asian underground railways.  Some of them drive without a guide, are extremely precise and have an efficient information and person control system. The special thing is experienced during the ride with a glance from the side of the window.  It gives the impression as if one is looking through the windshield of a forward-moving car. The landscape suits you. Technically, this is realized with hundreds of screens mounted on the tunnel tube. The monitors are about the size of a side window of a subway wagon. The respective screen content is switched on synchronously to the car speed. This creates a still image about which commercials are usually recorded. On a case-by-case basis, however, a video runs like a ride through a Chinese mountain valley. So, I move in two directions at the same time. Once to the next station and at the same time through a beautiful landscape or what is just being shown.

Moving in the real world corresponds to the nature of man and we have learned this for millennia.  The technological development of the last hundred years has changed somewhat. We move much less in nature, so we are no longer trace seekers. Artifacts are the ones that make up our habitat. Cities, cars, planes, shopping malls, etc. are now the rooms. We usually move around this, too. New additions are cyberspace. A possibility of movement perpendicular to the real world; in the imaginary. We are now moving in width and depth at the same time. Immerse yourself in cyberspace.



China is now a country that is developing radically, both in real and imaginary terms. The big cities continue to grow. Chengdu already has 14 million inhabitants. High-speed trains, highways and electric cars move a billion people. Last but not least, the “one belt – one  road” is an expression of this growth. For many, especially the West,  it’s  too fast. At the same time, this country is also growing in depth. High-resolution screens in all sizes and  locations. The electronics industry sets the global pace. Six months new smartphones come onto the market  and smartwatches are available for €5. In line with the current economic plan, China wants to become a world market leader in AI. The pace is frightening and therefore the desire for deceleration understandable.

Especially due to the advent of AI, a deceleration in the digital field is hardly conceivable. Rather,conversely, technical intelligence will be a powerful lever to its development. It is quite conceivable that 3D printers can print themselves.  This would result in exponential growth in production machines and everything will be even faster.

Redrawing to the real world and cutting out the digital would be one possibility. In Europe, that would still work quite well today. Basic human needs can still be met without a smartphone. But it’s already more than the online retailer. In China, the taxi service DIDI has largely prevailed. Is cheaper than  the traditional taxi. However, you can only pay with WePAy. The Western world will not be able to resist this trend. Possibly with the exception for an upper class that can afford the luxury of digital-free.

Turning back time would also be such a possibility. At least it is possible to look in the rear-view mirror on the real timeline and enjoy the good old days. Is this also possible in imaginary space? Yes, the technology has already ensured this. While you’re traveling in cyberspace, you have a window into reality that makes augmented reality possible. At least that way, you know what’s going on out there.  As is known, navigating with only Google Maps can bring unpleasant experiences. Then you are in the middle of the footy zone by car. It seems very helpful to have an anchor in the real, so to be well grounded.

At the moment there are still few, but there are more and more people who have largely cut their leashes to reality. The gamer are synonymous with this. If you are male, youthful and poorly educated, you will find your success here. The imaginary therefore has such a strong attraction. Among other things, it is the “Undo Button” that makes life in cyberspace much easier. Errors are corrected with the touch of a button.  A “step back” and the virtual people life again. A real elected politician cannot simply be deposed by the DEL button or the dead of a terrorist attack can be revived.  The loss of reality does not have to be so dramatic. With social media, partner exchanges or Porn hub’s you can also drive fast on the imaginary line.

In order to understand today’s world halfway, it is necessary to move in two directions at the same time. Immerse yourself  without losing reality and coming out without losing touch. This, too, is an extension of consciousness. Although, life is not a subway.  A ride in Chengdu on the line 1 has still something.

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