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Hardly any technological development has led to as many discussions as the development of AI systems. Especially since Google has succeeded in bringing a learning system to the level of a human go player. Technological advances have been made in the meantime. The mathematical foundations were created. Not least by the Austrian Sepp Hochreiter in his work on the “Long Term Short Memory”. An algorithm that is built into every “Natural Language Program” today. Language processing and image recognition are the two “domains” that are the most developed. Computers have learned to see and speak.

In Contrast with Europe, China has a very homogeneous historical development. Historically, 5000 years have been well documented. This is mainly due to an early development of the script and a uniform language. The starting point of this article is Chinese antiquity. Similar to Asia Minor, the Indus Valley, the Orient or Northern Europe, a mystical, archaic culture with an animated environment developed in China. Over the course of the pre-Christian centuries, china’s spiritual development took a different path. While deities developed in ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece, in China man and social life remained at the center. A good life in here and now was more important than the afterlife

The old American cultures have fallen victim to colonialization. In South America a fundamental Christianity has eliminated the intellectually high civilizations. Similarly in North America, the natives were nearly eradicated. However, not by a single hostile culture, but by several. Neil Gaiman has taken up the multicultural heritage of the USA in this novel.

The only thing you don’t need to sell in our liberal-democratic society is radar penalties. These take customers involuntarily, but without a sales process. Everything else is subject to a supply-demand ratio and the customer decides autonomously (supposedly) what he buys and what does not. Selling is one of the most important skills for the economic success of any company and for its sustainability. It is not only commercial enterprises that have to sell their products and services, but the man himself must also be able to bring his labor power, skills and knowledge to the man. It goes much deeper into the personality, also attractiveness (sex appeal) is for sale.

The Season 7 is probably the most exciting of the entire series and also at the same time the easiest to understand. The storylines have been signifi cantly reduced. In the past seasons, the seven royal houses, the wall and Essos had to be treated. This has now been reduced to Cersei, Daenerys and the Night King. At the same time, the complexity has decreased. Viewers can thus focus their mental capacity on other things – for example, trying to recognize the deeper meaning of dialogues, absorbing the excellent facial expressions of the actors or admiring the architecture of old buildings. The plot of cinematographic fi lms always has a more or less good dramaturgic structure. In series, this can also be stretched over several episodes. This creates tension. Cheap series can be recognized by the fact that each episode is closed in itself and thus they have no overall strand