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Assumptions about complexity

The current discussion about digitization repeatedly reveals the concept of “complexity”. This phenomenon is defined in terms of system theory and can occur when many components are connected. So, if there are effects that are due to a cause, that relationship is given. It is often difficult to associate a phenomenon with a cause. However,

Westworld | Spirit in the Cloud – Part 4

WestWorld Season 1 – Content Summary Robert Ford and his friend Albert are designing humanoid robots These work in the Western Park of the company DELOS to pacify the power and sexual needs of visitors. In the day, the story is based on a programmed story. At night, the hosts (robots) are spiritually reset and

GoT 7.Prolog

The Season 7 is probably the most exciting of the entire series and also at the same time the easiest to understand. The storylines have been significantly reduced. In the past seasons, the seven royal houses, the wall and Essos had to be treated. This has now been reduced to Cersei, Daenerys and the Night