GoT 7.6 Beyond the Wall – Turning Point

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Content summary

  • The group around Jon Snow is broken and is looking for an undead
  • In Winterfell, there is an open conflict between Arya and Sansa
  • Daenerys accuses Tyrion of failure. He thinks she reacts unchecked. She thinks he thinks in the long term.
  • It comes to a first contact with an undead bear. The fire priest Thoros of Myr is killed.
  • The companions are hopelessly encircled by the undead.
  • Daenerys comes to the aid of the dragons.
  • The Dragon Viserion is killed by a white wanderer.
  • Sansa learns about Arya’s past as a faceless.
  • Jon and Daenerys are emotionally close.
  • The night kings awaken the dragon Viserion to the undead

In this episode, we have an event that has a lasting impact on the future. Doubtless, it is painful to lose a child, even if it is only a dragon. It is not a singular event which would have ended with the death of Viserion. Rather, it leads to a completely changed situation.

We know the proverb: “Small cause leads to great effect”. It is often only small things that develop as a consequence to great events, up to overturning. In our daily lives we make a lot of small decisions and are surrounded by a sea of ​​possibilities. Sometimes small things have a big impact. We then say in retrospect: “If I had then … ..”. If we now knew which actions would lead to a disaster, they would be easy to avoid. It is almost always a chain of circumstances that makes a fiasco from a small initial situation, with the respective successive actions intensifying. It can also be the other way that the successors steal and that is our normal life. Highly complex systems have a very strong dampening effect. If, however, reinforcement hits reinforcement, an avalanche effect occurs. In Episode 6, we can watch a chain like this. (see image)

GoT 7.6

1. The decision for an action: catching an undead

Because no one believes in the existence of the night king, Jon decides with a small group to an expedition on the other side of the wall. The goal is to capture an undead and present it both Cersei and Daenerys. It was from the viewpoint of Jon Snow the only alternative he had. Even if he had thought for a long time, he would have made no other choice. This is what we know from our lives. Sometimes we have to do something and have no choice. In the meantime, life goes on. The two strong sisters argue about Winterfell, who would have been responsible for the death of their father. Sansa to Arya: “While you were on a trip to the world, I have survived things you can not even imagine. You would not have survived – and what have you done in the meantime? “Arya:” I’ve trained. ” They both agree that regrettable things have happened. However, for various reasons. At Sansa it was fear and with Arya it was rage. Emotional involvement usually leads to an amplification of the initial situation.

2. Emotions Boost: Daenery’s love for Jon Snow

The expedition is initially successful. A small group of undead is found. They could also quickly make a prisoner. Just as they wanted to turn back, the night kings came with a huge army of undead warriors. They flee to a frozen lake and can also hold a time there. Basically, however, it was a hopeless position. They therefore sent a raven to Daenery, asking for your support with the dragons. Sending a dragon across the wall would be a most negligent decision. Tyrion has once said to his queen that she reacts unobserved. Now again, “The most important man in the world must not fly to the most dangerous point in the world”. He does not recommend doing anything, which is probably the most difficult thing in this situation. In our hectic world is also very difficult to do nothing. You do not really have to react to anything. Life becomes easier. You can try and learn this in harmless situations. However, passivity is hardly possible when emotions influence decisions. So also with Daenerys. Their love for Jon leaves no other way but to fly north with the kites. For purely rational reason she would never have done this.

3. Reflection in Action: Beyond the Wall

There is a possibility to protect itself largely from self-reinforcing event chains. This is attention or “reflection in action”. Such an ability must be learned and trained again and again. One can not always consciously reflect everything in everyday life. It requires intuitive abilities. A little reflection can be seen in the group around Jon Snow as they move north together. During the walk, they discuss the Lord of Light and why he brought Jon Schnee back into life. Thomas of Myr prays: “Lord of Light come to us, for the night is full of darkness and terror, and lead us into the light.” The Bluthund longs for sex, which he would like with Brienne, when he returns. All these are spiritual – emotional reflections that come to the mind in the head. They do not, however, reflect the situation itself. It seems as if they were going to the north without a plan. This may still be true, but they are not aware of this.

4. The event: The night kings awaken the dragon to the undead

Daenerys reaches the encircled group with the dragons. Immediately they begin to burn the undead and melt the ice. The action is as expected. The superiority of the “fire” was compelling. The sheet turns very suddenly, when the night kings with a spear shoots the dragon Viserion. This starts to burn and falls dead into the lake. Daenerys manages to flee with some companions and the two surviving dragons. Jon snow must be left behind. The dead dragon is very painful for Daenerys. No doubt she has two more. With these, it should still be an easy game to defeat Cersei. What she does not know, though, is that the night kings awaken the deadly killing dragon to the life of an undead. Thus, the South has not only a kite less, but the North has in this regard equality of arms. Jon Snow can save himself by his uncle’s unexpected help. Back and with a boat on the way to Drachenstein, there is a very personal conversation between Jon and Daenerys. Daenerys: “The dragons are my children, the only ones I’ll ever have. We will destroy the night kings and we will do this together. ” Jon: “My Queen”.

There has now been an event that is sad for itself and at the same time the trigger for a turn “Turning Point” in the saga. It would even be possible for the success story of Daenerys of Tagarina to break in with it. Especially because their decisions will be much more emotionally colored due to the death of their kite.

This article is now no plea for insensibility, but an incentive to learn the ability to Reflection in Action. Then you have the right measure for emotional reactions.

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