Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones


Build up resources!

  1. Senator Amidala is the subject of two assassinations in Coruscant
  2. Obi-Wan follows a bounty hunter down to the Uscru amusement district
  3. The planet Kamino is missing in the Jedi archive
  4. Anakin protects Amidala on Naboo – they fall in love
  5. At breakfast, Anakin shows telekinesis on an apple
  6. Jango Fett as Klonwirt
  7. Kamino is cloned and Genosis is a droid production
  8. Anakin finds his mother among the Sandmen on Tatooine
  9. Ani, Amidala and Obi-Wan are caught by Count Dooku on Geonosis
  10. The execution in the stadium should be a big spectacle
  11. At the last second Yoda arrives with the Clone Warriors and frees them
  12. Telekinetic duel between Dooku and Yoda
  13. Dooku at Darth Sidious on the successful beginning of the war
  14. Anakin and Amidal / Padme get married

The essential resources are those that ensure the survival of a species. This includes primarily food and secondarily offspring. Only well-fed, young men can go into battle and are able to win. In postmodern societies like ours, these two characteristics are obviously no longer in demand. For your own survival is no longer the physical strength important, but rather the spiritual power. Far more important personal resources are knowledge, ability and access to information. All this is to acquire it on time. Some talk about lifelong learning. Even more important is learning to learn by oneself.

Episode 2

Episode 2, “Clone Warrior Attack”, states that power always requires resources. But this basic statement is true the way resources are dependent on the world space in which it is currently taking place. There are currently five such world spaces known on our planet Earth. Starting with the Hunters about the Warriors to the Consumers and then to the Intelligents and the Spirituals. The resources of the spirituals are called spiritual and related spirits. Here a loan was made to the good and evil angels of the world religions.

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