The negative entropy of the corona pandemic

Resilence of Systems

The lock down, at least in its acute phase, restricted personal freedom and thus changed life. Mouthguards, keeping a distance and quarantine were uncomfortable. The probability of getting the virus was still low. In the decaying phase it was extremely difficult to meet an infected person.  Nevertheless, the media continue to speak of an epochal

Plato meets Buddha at Mount Emei

Tourism, Spirituality and High-Tech in Central China The roots of Buddhism lie in today’s India. Its emergence can be seen as a reaction to the secularization of Hinduism. The Hindu priestly caste led a feudal rule and exploited the population. Groups of skeptics were convinced that one can never experience the reality as it was

American Gods 2.3 Muninn – What gods need!

The needs of gods can be reduced to three main requirements. They expect homage, need information and must be able to work. These very human needs arose from our ideas about gods. Effectiveness: In the transition from the second to the third episode, Mr. Wednesday staged a collision between a stationary car and a moving train. This situation