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Energie triple

The term energy is used for many things and therefore can not be explained clearly.

For technicians it is something tangible – namely the provision of a service over a certain period of time. For example, if you drive for 30 hours with a car of 30 kW, then you have consumed 30 kW / h. Such a rating is also available for electricity, whose consumption data we can then read off the electricity meter. An average household needs an electrical energy of about 3,000 kW / h per year. Recently, the consumption of electrical energy has re-emerged through the advent of mining farms. When mining, for example bitcoins, enormous computing power is required, which is expressed in the form of energy consumption. A larger mining data center will need as much power as a city with 30,000 inhabitants. In addition to these electromechanical energy information, there are also smaller units, such as. be consumed by smartphones. Today’s devices will last a full day with a battery charge of 4,000 mAh. Already something foreign is the performance with which a human brain works. Biologists have calculated a value of 120 W – which corresponds to a daily energy consumption of 2.8 kW / h. A smartphone consumes only 0.5 kW / h in the equivalent time. As far as the physical expression of energy.

It gets more complex when we talk about bio / life energy. There are hardly any measurable variables. Most of the time these are subjective sensations, which we then associate with a lot of energy when we are well. Other people give us a lot of energy when we are physically and mentally very active.
Far Eastern philosophies have dealt with this phenomenon for millennia. From this, terms such as Chakra, Kundalini, Yin Yang, etc. have been translated into Western culture. For all these phenomena there are rules of behavior and treatment methods with which one can focus such energies. At the beginning of the 20th century, the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich dealt with the phenomenon of life energy. He allegedly developed devices that could be used to measure life energy according to his doctrine of “the orgone”. A cabinet that reproduced life energy in the form of light with a corresponding interior lining. Reich itself was very controversial in the US, which ultimately led to an arrest. He died in prison in 1957. His work was made public in 2007. A sound further processing can not be seen.

To get some structure into the topic of energy, you could create a triple energy triple. To subdivide then on the higher level would be the physical, universal and spiritual. The following Picture.


Physical: Are those forces that physicists have discovered and with which the natural sciences and consequently the technology operates. Very often we talk about three basic forces: gravitation, electromagnetism and nuclear power. The most researched and technology-mapped force is electromagnetism. All electrical and electronic devices obviously work with it. In the invisible realm, it is the electromagnetic wave that is used for data radio. The entire spectrum of the electromagnetic wave is a very wide, which extends from the heat radiation to the radioactive gamma radiation. People only have sensors for a small spectrum in the areas of heat, sound and light. The much larger part is biosensory not detectable.

Probably the strongest force is gravity. It holds the universe together while ensuring its expansion. With Albert Einstein, the exploration of this phenomenon has begun. With the latest research results, it has been possible to detect gravitational waves. This power is associated with, or perhaps dominating, space-time. The higher the mass of a body (star, dark matter), the higher its gravitation and the more intense the relative time shift. If gravity actually spreads in a wave, it would not be so different to the electromagnetic wave and maybe not to nuclear power. In this context, quantum mechanics states that atomic and subatomic elements have a dual property. On the one hand particle / matter and on the other wave. If someone deals with a Theory of Everything (ToE), the wave model could well be an approach. These three forces: gravitation, electromagnetism and nuclear power each have their own effect, such as attraction, light and electric current. The scientific technologies have brought about a conversion. Hydropower, sunlight and uranium can be converted / converted into electricity. The concept of energy generators is physically wrong, because energy can not be generated, it can only be transformed. The first converters were electromagnetic rotary machines, the generators installed in water and steam power plants. It was not until recently that converters were created that could convert sunlight directly into electricity. It can be assumed that secondary digitalization will lead to the development of a large number of different energy converters in the future. Even the smallest nuclear power plants, the size of electricity meters, are conceivable. In their existence, one could replace the conventional household electricity meter with an identical micro nuclear power plant and would have lifelong energy for the house.

Universal: With the scientific explanations of energy one can cover a part of this phenomenon, many areas remain open. Life energy is just that. Even though biologists have succeeded in decoding human DNA, largely recognizing the function of cells, the energy required for life is completely unknown. The DNA is just the code / blueprint after a living being is constructed. The necessary force is still completely unknown. To get a bit of a feel for how this might work, we once again take a loan on computer technology. There, data is processed. The data would then be equivalent to the DNA code. The processor power is an electronic, based on binary-coded algorithms, produced from the data information. Information is exactly what causes a “change”. In the meantime we understand this process very well, we are on the way to artificial intelligence. In the field of life energy we have a knowledge gap between data and information. Data is represented by DNAs and information is the finished animal. The algorithms and the processes in between are unknown. There are hardly any research results available to the public. For the time being we could call this universal energy. Even in the computer area, this can release enormous energies. A simple device, such as a weather station, can be bought for EUR 100. Produces a plethora of data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. A variety of such devices then feeds a mainframe, which produces information from it. One piece of information would be, for example, that we have a sunny, warm Easter weekend ahead of us. This information then leads vacationers in mass drive into the Easter holidays. The result is a movement whose underlying energy can not be assigned to the physical, but is completely different. These forces are used today for marketing, election propaganda, hate mailing, and more. used. This also creates forces and energies that were not yet assignable. Therefore, we stick to the concept of the universal.

Spiritual: Perhaps the spiritual power is a special form of universal energy. Due to the millennia lasting effect, it should be treated explicitly here. Triggers for spiritual forces are God, nature and man-made artifacts. As part of a study on “Global Mind & Spirit” could be proven that even today, the strongest spiritual power is God. In the Islamic cultural area, God is dominant, in North America the emergence of Intelligent Design, in Europe the evangelicals and in Asia the three and a half million Hindu gods. Even for today’s people, even for very scientific-oriented, the belief in a source force is obligatory. Many phenomena may not have been explored, such as above life energy. With this urge to explore, however, it also shows that many new ones are added to every solved problem. Einstein has said: “Clever is the Lord God, but he is not malicious”. A special form of God is found in pantheism, which means that God is present in everything, and especially in nature. So it is understandable that the first humans found their god in nature and developed nature religions. When you visit the Bryce Canyon, you can feel the spiritual power that comes from this natural phenomenon. Just sit down and experience.
Religious buildings have a special expression of spirituality. When we are in such an object as a pyramid, a cathedral, or Abu Simbel, we also feel a special power emanating from this building. Whether nature or artifact, we feel a connection with everything. In addition, spirituality brings vocation. People, who feel and experience something for themselves, mobilize almost inhuman powers. There are many examples from the recent past. One could include Mahatma Gandhi, L. Ron Hubbard and Steven Jobs. A spiritual mission, the vocation, can give social and material forces a completely different direction. These are then the founders of religion, like the above three for peace, religion and design.


The effects of these three different energies are summarized:

Converter: Are devices that convert physical forces into other forms of energy. They generate heat and movement.

Catalyze: Is a triggering information-moment, which arises through data and algorithms. Creates life and ability.

Consciousness: Living beings with higher consciousness experience and recognize spirituality. The vocation and the connection are created.


Finally, again with Einstein “God does not dice”. This means that energy has nothing accidental, but what purposeful with cause and effect in itself.

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