Altered Carbon 1.2 – Murder in the wedding night

Altered Carbon

War and Peace


  • A young woman is found dead in a lake
  • Kristin Ortega continues to observe Kovac without permission
  • POE, the AI receptionist, is playing poker
  • Lawrence Bancroft can´t remember his billion dollar deal
  • Takeshi finds Lissi caught in a trauma loop
  • Kristin’s mother, a strict Catholic, believes in the life of her soul in the hereafter
  • Kristin Ortega in the confessional parallel to a sex scene

With great certainty we are currently experiencing the longest peace period of humanity. Philosophical assumptions about war and peace from the episode:

“Peace is an illusion, no matter how peaceful the world appears. Peace does not last long – it is a constant struggle against nature. A skin that grazes the muscles, tendons and bones of our very own wildness. Instinctive force slumbers in us like a parasite. She is just waiting for an opportunity to feed on our anger and break out of us. War is the only thing we really understand.”

The Envoys feel unfairly treated by humans. Ray states, “Anger at injustice is universal, and in their hearts (humans) violence is always existent in one way or another.” Unfortunately, humans have evolved only in a technological way and not spiritually. Takeshi comes to the museum, which documents the Battle of Stronghold. He thinks, “If the victors rewrite the story, it’s just another kind of war.” After killing them on the battlefield, they kill the memory of the vanquished.

The world has lost a lot. Lawrence Bancroft agrees: They come from a time when there was still real courage. They are what the world has lost.

Even the Envoys have lost a lot: sometimes capitulating is more brutal than any attack. Kovac feels: The moments of calm we sometimes find are nothing more than scant camouflaged warlists.

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