Die letzten Jedi

Genesis – Create something alive

  1. There is a war between First Order and Resistance.
  2. The resistance is close to collapse; you need the help of the Jedi
  3. Rey is instructed to seek advice and help from Luke Skywalker.
  4. Luke lives on Ahch-To and has completed his Jedi life.
  5. Rey has questions; Who am I and what is my job? She gets 3 lessons.
  6. Rey realizes that she is living in a recursion; learns nothing about her parents.
  7. There is a strong, telepathic connection between Rey and Kylo Ren.
  8. When he meets Snoke, he is killed by Kylo Ren.
  9. Now Kylo himself is the most powerful on the dark side and wants to pull Rey to her.
  10. There is a fight for Luke’s laser sword and the final battle on Crait.
  11. Luke intervenes with his mental power and then dissolves; Become one with the power.
  12. A boy on Canto Bight has access to power. The Jedi live!

In the first six episodes, one could follow the development of power and its handling quite well. In the first three sequels it was: dealing with fear, creating resources and life as an infinite game. You also have to take note of the fact that there is the right time for everything – this has shown us the “New Hope”. There is a lot of power in the systems. One should not underestimate an empire even if it is already fragile. It could hit back. Who sets goals and wants to achieve them, must be able to concentrate. This is exactly what the “Return of the Jedi” teaches us. The latest sequales show us more and more power as a spiritual construction. In “Awakening of Power,” even Han Solo believes that this is a mystical energy field that holds together good and evil. Episode VIII is about preserving power. The question is: what do powerful people do to maintain the system they have built up, even after their own death?

The biggest challenge for a system is its ability to survive in a constantly changing environment. In order to survive as long as possible, it needs either a stable context or a strong adaptability. Humanity has developed systems, as in ancient Egypt, where Pharaonic dynasties survived for millennia. Conversely, the Millennium of the Nazis and the Soviet Union have lasted only a few decades. If it had been its goal to establish its own power over time, then they have done something wrong – thank the power. One of the major changes in Episode VIII was a technological one. The “First Order” is now able to locate the spaceships of the resistance in hyperspace. That could mean the end of the rebellion, if nothing can be said against it. The possibilities of maintaining access to power in the long term are shown to us by “The Last Jedi”. Snoke: “The seed of the Jedi Order is alive. As long as she does that, hope in the galaxy is alive too. ” Luke to Rey: “I’ll teach you why Jedi’s time has come to an end.”

If one does not know how the context changes then it would be useful to create descendants who adapt, invent long-lived artifacts, develop a culture, pass on thinking about master-disciples or generate an infinite recursion. Every context.


Replication: That is the success of evolution par excellence. When a species is able to replicate and mutate, chances are good to survive in other contexts as well. Biological life has developed cell division at the lowest level. As long as there is a habitable context, cells divide and survive. There can already be a meteorite impact. The dinosaurs have not survived, but life itself. For a long-term “being”, it obviously needs small, less complex building blocks that replicate. The Jedi have the Midi-Chlorians, cells that are similar building blocks that allow access to power. That was already the case with Anakin Skywalker and is now clearly recognizable by Rey. Without being taught by a teacher, the Jedi had similar abilities. Rey: “Something has always been there in me and now it’s awakening and I’m scared”. So anyone who is really interested in the long-term preservation of their power needs something simple and self-replicating. From this the same system (the power) must be created again and again. Like the life of the cells and the Jedi from the Midi-Chlorians. In today’s economic system, money could be something like that. It multiplies itself (interest?) And always leads to power. Even world economic crises and stock market crashes could not eliminate it yet. Cryptocurrencies are not the same but still the same. You need something replicating for your personal spiritual survival. What could that be?

Artifacts: The first humanoid tools were probably aids that made daily life easier. Stone tools (artefacts) such as hammers, knives, scrapers, etc. have existed for about 2.5 million years and were invented in the Neolithic Age. There may have been devices of bones, shells and wood in much earlier times that did not survive the time. Probably the most important historical artifact is the wheel. There is a 5,000-year-old picture of a wheeled car. The wheel and the sword were the dominant technologies for millennia. Those who knew the wheel could construct wagons and built roads where soldiers could be moved with swords. Even the two world wars still use this technology. Wheels to tanks, swords to machine guns. The variety of artifacts, created by man, rose in the 20th century. explosive. But it was still the wheel in the game. The most important artifact of our time, the car, anyway. The wheel is probably the human creation that has survived most contexts.

In StarWars, it is the laser sword. It has been there since the beginning and is used by both the Hellen and the dark side. Each Jedi Knight built one, and in each episode there were decisive sword fights. In Episode VIII, there is a mental showdown between Ben and Rey for Luke’s laser sword. It breaks up. Shortly before, Luke burned all Jedi scriptures with the help of Yoda. Has this artifact surviving for 1000 generations been extinguished? Master Yoda: “Everything written in these books was already in the girl’s mind.” There, the laser sword lives on for the time being.

In the Milky Way in 1947 a new artifact could have been created. The transistor is probably the artificially created work that already has the world’s largest distribution. Whether it can withstand changing contexts will become apparent. Sustainable developments of power also need artifacts (iPhone).

Culture: Is what a society, mostly unwritten, recognizes as the smallest common values. These are often derived from myths, enemies and legends. This then results in lived behavior and learned skills. Belonging is shown by symbols, artifacts or clothing. All this the Jedi have for generations. Only Rey knows nothing about power. When Luke asks her about it, she says: “With power you can lift stones, read minds and fight swords”. The correction of Luke comes immediately: “The power is an energy field between all things, a field of tension, a balance that holds the galaxy together. And power is not Jedi property, that would be vanity. ” That’s exactly where Luke the Jedi failed. He says of the Order: “The Jedi are being romanticized and mystified. Her actions, however, were a failure. Her legacy is hypocrisy and arrogance. “He derives this from his own failure in training Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and the failure of Obi Wan with Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). Cultures have the characteristics of weathering changing contexts. Religions are the best examples of this. After all, the Hindu tradition has lived for 6,000 years. Also, religions have the power to eradicate and replace existing traditions. To show at Catholicism in South America. If you want to build up lasting power, you need culture. This can be evoked via myths and images of the enemy, then instrumentalized and finally consolidated via symbols (cross, crescent). Episode VIII uses four symbols at once. In the Jedi Temple, the Jedi crest set in stone, the Rose Yin Yang necklace, the Resistance Ring, and the cubes of Han Solo. Rey to Luke: “The galaxy may need a legend – the Luke Skywalker”.

Meister-Schüler: Especially in times when people did not have any script, the knowledge transfer could only be done orally. Only – once you could tell no complex knowledge and no sophisticated skills pass. So it takes an apprenticeship. This can take a lifetime. Such master-disciple relationships are known in Asian traditions (Vajrayana Buddhism). Also in Christianity, when the companions of Jesus, the apostles, address him with Master. When Rey finds Ahch-To Luke, she asks him to become her master. Rey: “I need someone to show me my place AND I will not go away without you”. Luke refuses: “It’s about time the Jedi era ends. I will not train any more Jedis. I came to the island to die “. When Rey shows him the old hologram of Leia, he lets himself be softened and admits three lessons. The essential message: “let your feelings guide you”. Master Yoda: “The biggest teacher failure is AND we are what they (the students) outgrow. This is the true burden of all masters. “Luke also receives a lesson from Yoda:” You still have your eyes on the horizon. The need in front of your nose does not look. “It is precisely this ability that characterizes an adult human being. The masters choose the students themselves, as did Snoke: “When I found you (Ben Solo), I saw what every master was looking for. The potential, the bloodline, a new Vader. “Finally, for all of us, Leia has a message: “Hope is like the sun. If you believe in them only when you see them, you will not survive the night.”

Recursion: Rey has a longing desire to learn something about himself. Luke refuses his help and Kylo Ren: “You come out of nowhere – come with me.” By getting into a water cave, she comes in contact with the dark side. There she also asks the question of where and where. The Force then shows her a mirror recursion of herself. This runs both in the past and in the future. In the here and now is nothing more than yourself. Rey: “I have never felt so alone.” To constantly regenerate itself, that’s exactly what the powerful of this world want. Replicating yourself using a program would be a solution to ongoing power. Recursion always means to stage oneself in oneself. From marketing the company Tupperware became known for it. A first salesman sells the product to the customer and at the same time sells it. This starts a recursion that runs as long as resources and energy are available. Much easier to sell than products is to write recursive computer programs. This too has changed in the last few years. Starting from recursions with variables, recursive codes with mutations have emerged. Today, programmers are recursively able to build genetic software.

The most dramatic recursion is currently under development. These are the 3D printers. As soon as a printer can produce a printer for the first time, it has happened. It works like the Chinese chess game. On the first playing field a grain of rice, then on each further the double. All material world would be worthless. Could wer – or was already used for animation in the galaxy – send a printer to Mars. In the near future you would have billions of them who would then print air. It could also be that we were born this way. This brings me back to the beginning of the blog.



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