Episode 6 – The Return of the Jedi Knights

the return of the jedi knights

Focus on your Goal!

  1. Han Solo is released from the Cabinet Capsule at Jabba’s Palace
  2. Luke flies to yoga on the Dagobah – there dies Joda
  3. The rebels are planning an attack on the Death Star
  4. Han / Leia / Luke land on the forest moon Endor u cap the power base for the star destroyer
  5. The Ewoks consider c-3po to be a god
  6. Luke gets captured by Darth Vader.
  7. Will be brought to the Emperor – emotionally emotional
  8. Luke fights with emotions and Vader does not kill him, but converts him to the bright side
  9. Vader throws the Emperor in the shaft

Working towards a goal is the best recipe for success – competitive athletes have known that for a long time. If you do not know what you want, everything is right for you. In this case, one is guided by everyday life and washed up somewhere. Even if you have to go detours many times, the goal must not be lost sight of. However, convulsively sticking to it can also be counterproductive. The above-mentioned Zeitgeist can also make goals unreachable. That too we have to take note of. In addition to the definition of goals is here to pay attention to the concentration. This is sometimes difficult to apply in hectic times. Therefore, she must be trained. A good option is within the ZEN tradition. Attention is focused for a long time on a single point – for example breathing. With it you can anchor yourself to stay focused during the day. So the prerequisite for achieving the goals.

Episode 6

The individual development of consciousness in humans proceeds in stages. From childhood to adult consciousness. Human society has evolved gradually over the last 100,000 years. In episode six, societies of all levels of consciousness meet. How the respective systems deal with each other, what methods they use, and what values ​​are important to them can be well demonstrated in “The Return of the Jedi Knights.”

At the beginning, Han Solo is still a prisoner of Jabba on the Desert Fortress of Tatoonie. In this society, raw power is constantly exercised by its leader Jabba. Immediate satisfaction of needs: “I want everything and now”. That’s how Jabba shows off eating, drinking, sex and murder – all at the same time and at one table. This raw violence is expressed when he throws Luke Skywalker through the trap door to a monster for food. Jabba says, “It will be my pleasure to see you die”. He leaves Leia, dressed in a light chain, with a chain; is obviously a sex object. She may watch how Luke should be eaten. Depending on your mood, someone has to die. Even the closest relatives are not immune to it.

A society at this level of consciousness is called egocentric (color code red). In human development about 10,000 years ago. For example, these were the horsemen of Asia, who plunder, robbery and murderers attacked Europe. Very frustrating; one can still recognize these forms of society today.

The Emperor now comes to inspect the new Death Star. There he is received by Darth Vader. There is a very strict hierarchy order. First, the red-dressed bodyguards get off. Then the Emperor appears. He walks gracefully down the stairs from the spaceship. Vader awaits him kneeling. He says, “Rise up my friend.” Whereby friend was meant pejoratively in this context. Now the troop parade is removed. The soldiers are positioned exactly according to their hierarchical assignment. The officers leave behind the Emperor and Lord Vader with a lot of devotion. Then there are the white soldiers and behind them the black soldiers. Ident with troop parades at the “place of heavenly peace” or as it was at that time with the national socialist culture.
A society on this level of consciousness is called Hierarchical (color code blue). In human development about 5,000 years ago. There are strong formalistic roles within a hierarchical pyramid. Instructions and control are strictly top down. Stability is the highest value and is defined by exact processes and rules. Examples include the Catholic Church, armies and dictatorial governments.

Luke and his companions now reach the forest moon Endor. This serves as a shield for the Death Star and should be made ineffective. They fight against the forces of the Empire stationed there. Racing chase run. Princess Leia loses control of her glider and lands in the jungle. There it is found by a native. Short, persistent and armed with a lance. So no danger. She reaches the tribal camp and meets again her companions, who are already hanging on the spit for frying. C-3PO, however, we already treated there as God. However, he can not obtain the liberation of his friends. Luke then lets him float through the air with a Jedi Thought Trick. With this, C-3PO finally becomes deity. The Ewoks are now completely hearing-impaired. They see in him something mystical and magical. What can not be explained in her world. Even the chief is reverent. The shaman, however, very skeptical because he fears for his role.

A society at this level of consciousness is called magical (driving code violet). In human history about 100,000 years ago. The world is ruled by ghosts. Inexplicable phenomena such as lightning and thunder appear. All this is attributed to the power of nature gods. Shamans have great power and rituals govern life. There are hardly any such social forms today. All the better this is represented by the Ewoks.

The Companions of the Alliance have a consciousness structure guided by empathy and empathy. This shows, among other things in the situation when Princess Leia meets the Ewok. She gives him something to eat and builds a relationship. A very difficult relationship arises between Luke and Darth Vader with the father son relationship on the one hand and simultaneous mortal hostility on the other. Luke with Jedi training knows he can not stand the conventional fight against the Emperor. He voluntarily goes into captivity. The real “Star War” is played there at relationship level between Emperor and Luke. Luke knows he can not react with aggression, anger or violence. That would be the victory of the “evil power”. Luke is also convinced that there is still a spark left in his father; He puts all his hope in these. The Emperor challenges him, “I feel your anger. Take your weapon and stretch me down with your hatred “. Luke struggles with himself to avoid falling for it. In combat, Luke tells his father, “I still feel the good in you.” It’s a battle on the emotional level.

Societies that make life sensitive, integrate and provide for all are socially networked (color code green). In human history about 150 years ago. The common value is harmony and one encounters empathy; Emotions are respected. Decisions are made by consensus. Social developments dominate the actions and behaviors of the individual. The actuators are all at the same level.

The return of the Jedi Knights is brought to the picture at the very end of the episode. Obi-Wan, Judah and Luke’s father appear from another world and another time. They are not real but rather depicted in a hologram.

Societies that have integrality as a key feature are referred to as Holistic (color code turquoise). In human society for about 40 years. There is an all-connectedness. The world is a global village, is very fragile and needs to be protected. Mindfulness is the highest value. Power and struggle is only on the level of consciousness.

Episode VI is a teaching example of the awareness level model. This was first introduced by Clare Graves (also the color code). An interesting book is “God 9.0” by Marion and Werner Küstenmacher. The awareness level model has now regained great relevance in management. In the book “Reinventing Organizations” Fredrik Laloux answers. He outlines forms of organization on a holistic basis. The film and this book complement each other very well.

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