Episode 5 – The Empire strikes back

the empire strikes back

Always act in the system

  1. The rebels have retreated to the ice planet Hoth
  2. Luke is caught by a wampa. Liberate with telekinesis and hear Obi-Wan “Go to the Dagobah system”
  3. Darth Vader looks for Luke destroys the base. Leia, solo flee to Lando Calrissian’s Drama
  4. Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and taken to Jabba
  5. Luke flees to Dagobah and seeks Joda – acting there
  6. Luke sees the future – has to save on Benisa to Leia and Solo
  7. It comes to the fight Vader / Luke. Vader slaps his hand and goes out as a father

Even if we have the digital technology, we could do different activities at the same time, that is a mistake. The neural human structure allows to think only one thought at a time. So we should allow ourselves to get the work started and then start another one. The same applies to thinking – think and then something new. Alone the acceptance of this limited possibility brings already much peace. People with such behavior radiate much peace and give confidence; Is essential for power. Who is always tense, is not able to use his creative potential. Creativity arises in the interplay between tension and relaxation. Times of relaxation – even sleep are not wasted resources, but give enormous power.

Episode 5

At the beginning of Episode V, the role of Darth Vader will be clarified. He is now Lord and sits on a throne. Sitting alone symbolizes power. Is the same in real life. I demonstrate more power when I can sit than when I have to go. That’s why I go to my boss.

1. Really power is at rest

In English usage Lord is also used for God. Nevertheless, Vader does not take the top position in the hierarchy. That makes a call from the Emperor very soon. He answers in a very submissive way, kneeling, the orders: “How can I be of service, my lord”. The content is that the Emperor is afraid of the boy Luke. He thinks, “This is the son of Anakin Skyewalker and he is very dangerous for us. He must not become a Jedi Knight “. Since he obviously can not be defeated, the two agree to win him as a champion for the evil. Darth Vader: “He will either come to us or die”

2. The origin determines the biography

The rebels have meanwhile withdrawn to the ice planet Hoth. That is exactly where Luk makes his first spiritual experiences. In a life-threatening situation, trapped by a polar bear, he pulls his laser sword only with mental power and thus can free himself. Shortly thereafter, Luke has a vision. He sees Obi-Wan in a vision and gets the message from him: “Go to Dagobah and enter the teachings of Jedi Master Yoda”.

3. A vision is stronger than power

The rebels are overwhelmed by evil. They manage to escape and Luke SkyWalker finds the Jedi Master Joda on Orga. That is where spiritual education begins. Joda says at the beginning, “It’s all just a waste of time; the young man has no patience “. This was the first teaching on mindfulness started. This dimension is precisely the one most commonly associated with contemporary spirituality. Luke must realize that: “His eyes were always directed to the future”. Never think about what surrounds him now – not in the here and now. This kind of attention is mainly taught by Eastern attitudes (Buddhism and Hinduism) for millennia.

4. In the here and now, the future is decided

In the second lesson, Luke has to practice dealing with fear. Luke says of himself: “I’m not afraid”. Joda replies, “Oh, yes, you’ll be scared. Fear of evil “. More and more, it shows that evil is only an expression of power [God]. Not as there is an antagonist in Christianity, Satan, but only the one. Here, the non-duality is rather addressed (Hindu). So it’s all one. Luke Skywalker now wants to know how he recognizes evil. Joda makes it clear: “You recognize the dark side of power in anger – fear – aggression”. Very similar to the desires in Buddhism. The evil side of power is very fast and seductive. For Luke, it is important to be able to make the distinction between good and evil. This is reminiscent of the founding of the Jesuit Order. For Ignatius von Loyola, the “distinction of the spirits” was the formative knowledge. A parallel between Jesuits and Jedi Knights is evident anyway. Now how do you recognize the good spirit, Luke asks, “It’s peace and quiet.” Exactly two dimensions that do not occur in all episodes. Peace to man on earth – Christianity.

5.Discrete also with like

Luke is now sent to the realm of evil. What will I find there? The Yedi Master says, “Only what you bring.” After all, it’s just the fight with yourself; so against the self. In the film, Luke fights a black Yedi Knight. He hits his head off. When he opens the visor, he sees himself. That makes him very confused for the time being. However, he also won the fight against his ego.

6. Defeat the ego

Luke now has to train his mental powers. It’s about the direct mental manipulation of reality (reality creation). The Jedi Master teaches him how to move matter through mental power alone. The only thing you need is concentration. This is exactly what he has to practice now. The pictures shown here are borrowed directly from the Eastern traditions. It is a meditation with a physically exceptional position (similar to the Lotus seat). He stands by the head, the Jedi Master sitting on top of his feet, he now tries to stack stones only with spiritual power on top of each other. He fails. The main reason for this failure is that “you really do not believe because it’s too heavy”.

7. Concentration as king discipline

Yoda explains, “You have to forget how you used to do it; you should not try anything but just do or not do “. Yoda proves that to him and pulls the sunken fighter jet out of the swamp only with mental power. He explains this ability as follows: “Power is our ally, its energy surrounds us and we are enlightened beings and not parts of this raw matter”.

8. Not trying anything but doing it

With self-restraint and concentration, Luke can now not only directly influence the matter, but he also has the ability to see into the future. There he sees Princess Leia Organa and his friend Han Solo in captivity. He wants to start now and free these two. Both Obi-Wan and Yoda warn against it: “You are not finished with your training – not yet a Jedi Knight. You’ll probably destroy more there than you can make up. ” Luke does not listen to them, he knows about his mission and flies away.

9. Find your mission – even if you are warned

Obi-Wan says, “This boy was our last hope. But the teacher is wise and says, “There is another one”. Power does not need alternatives;

10. Rebellion needs hope

With these ten findings, Luke now takes up the fight against evil again.

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