Episode 4 – A new hope

eine neue hoffnung

Do what the spirit of the time allows!

  1. R2D2 and C3PO flee with a rescue capsule on Tatooine – with the blueprints
  2. They are picked up by Jawas and sold to Luke’s stepfather.
  3. Luke sees the message and drives to old Ben
  4. At the Mose Isles spaceport, Ben, Luke, Han and Cheewbacca fly to Alderaan
  5. During the flight, Luke trains with the laser sword
  6. At the Death Star Kenobi gets killed by the Vader
  7. Luke keeps listening to Obi-Wan during the Battle of Yavin
  8. Han Solo goes into battle and wins
  9. A New BASE with Leia, Luke, Han etc. is created

You can swim against the current – but it takes a lot of energy. Exactly this is used up when you really need them. As long as one achieves one’s own goals by traveling with the spirit of the times, that saves energy. This phenomenon has been clearly demonstrated in the art in recent years. Constructing a self-driving car would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Of course because we did not have the digital technology. On the other hand, also because people would not have been willing to sit in such a vehicle and give up control. So a social realization was needed that digitally driving cars are safer than man-driven ones. We now have this social mindset and nothing stands in the way of the introduction. The introduction of Google Glass has failed for exactly this reason. No acceptance in society, nobody wants to look through computer glasses. So we need a sensor that reliably shows us what the zeitgeist allows.

a new hope

The Star Wars films are also said to have a certain tendency towards spirituality. Mainly, this realization comes from the ongoing struggle between good and evil. In fact, this is the mainstream in all series – the name is at the same time the content.
However, it is not clear whether the dimensions GOOD and EVIL are truly spiritual. Although in the great monotheistic religions the good and the evil have always played an essential role (angel – devil). But it could also be manifestations of evolution. Fighting is needed for the survival of the best.

Like all episodes, so the foursome is marked by the fight. For the first time Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi pass the border control to the Mos Eisley spaceport. There, Obi-Wan talks to the guards in a very hypnotic language. He obviously has an influence on her. Luke Skywalker now wants to know how he did it. Obi-Wan then told him, “Power has a great influence on the mentally weak.” You would have expected it the other way around. Namely – mind has influence on power.

The space airport Mose Eisley is inhabited by various creatures. A great variety of looks, manifestations and intelligences. This was something out of the ordinary for the 1970s. In the meantime, we have been used to it (departure to Pandora). This shows George Lucas that the universe is rich in living things. This already has a spiritual meaning for some world religions. Neither the earth nor the Milky Way, and certainly not man is something significant. So no special edition of God.

The said fight between good (rebels) and evil (empire) determines the plot of this and all other consequences. Episode IV is about power. At about 90 “as the Empire blasts the planet Aldaran, Obi-Wan says,” I sensed a great shock of power as if millions panicked in fear and suddenly disappeared.”

The term power is used here to represent God. This is also reflected linguistically when Obi-Wan says to Luke Skywalker: “The power will be with you – always” [God be with you]. Or when he says, “Everyone can feel the power.”

The war itself is conducted in a mechanical way. The essential difference to the secular wars is the laser weapon. In warfare, you can not see strategies and no use of intellectual weapons. Those who want to consume such sci-fi should, for example, read Ian Bank’s War of Souls. Is however a book with 1200 sides. There you can really see the spiritual struggle between good and evil. In this context, the space pilot Han Solo says: “Antiquated weapons and religions can not absorb it with laser weapons.” The pilot is a very real role at all: “I have not seen any almighty power in the whole universe. My fate is not determined by a mystical energy field “. He says that as he is flying in the rubble heap of the planet Aldaran.

At this point, the Companions see for the first time the oversized spherical space station of the Empire. This is obviously not ingestible. The fight is hopeless. Obi-Wan states: “There is something else besides fighting”. The film makes you feel that Obi-Wan is already feeling what he is going to experience now.

The comrades now enter the spaceship of the imperialists and there begins the fight. The princess must be liberated. She sent a call for help at the beginning of the film about the two Druids R2-D2 and C-3PO.
After the usual shooting, there is now a duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This dispute loses Obi-Wan. He does not die but his body has disappeared after a hit with the laser sword. So he should not have died. There is no corpse. This argument has therefore gone out in favor of the Empire.

At the long end in episode IV, however, the rebellion wins. It succeeds Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to blow up the Imperial Space Station. Obviously, the bad guys like Darth Vader are dead now. But can not be, otherwise the show would not be sequeled.

As a conclusion about the successful battle, Lucky Skwalker and Han Solo discuss: “In my experience, there is no such thing as luck”. At Han Solo, the realist, who relies on his abilities, shows himself again.

Even before the final confrontation Obi-Wan gives some life experiences for the future fight. These are:

“Do not worry about your conscious self”

“Eyes can deceive – do not trust them; let yourself be guided by the feelings “.

With these instructions they board the fighter jets and win. Finally, the companions travel back in the company of Princess Leia. Now something too human begins. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo fight for the favor of the princess.

So a story about fight: the sexes, the cultures and the mind.

So the spirituality in episode IV is built around the concept of power.

As an essential legacy Obi-Wan has given the following sentence:

“The power is with you – and if you take that into account, you’ve taken the first step into a larger world. Whereby power means something greater transcendent.”

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