GoT 7.5 Ostwacht – Decisions between acceptance and meaning


Content summary

  • Daenerys stands in front of the defeated soldiers and asks her to bend her knee. The lords of Tarly refuse and are burnt for it.
  • Jamie tells Cersei about his defeat and recommends her negotiations
  • The Dragon Drogon can be touched by Jon Snow. As if they knew each other.
  • Jorah returns and from Bran comes a raven that the white hikers are standing directly in front of the east guard.
  • In Altsass is also a raven with the message from the “Whites”. The masters of the citadel believe in a ruse of Daenerys.
  • One would now convince Cersei of the existence of the undead. Jon Schnee wants to catch a specimen with a small group and bring it to Königsmund.
  • On Winterfell, Petyr Baelish tries to play the strong sisters against each other.
  • Sam takes some books from the forbidden library and leaves the citadel.
  • In the Ostwacht, a group of Jorah, Jon and Bluthund, who are looking for a white hiker, is formed.

In a growth phase, there are many actions. Because everything is “running” anyway, one does not need to think too much. Decisions are made quickly and often without reflection. American economists, Vroom & Yetton, have been concerned about the scope of decisions. In the two dimensions of acceptance and meaning, they have worked out four different types of decision-makers. The Random (Arch Maester), the Fair (Ser Davos), the Objective (Daenerys) and the Leader (Jon Snow). Jon needs the acceptance of his followers for the trip to Daenerys. The Maester lets Sam randomly write scripts. This is irrelevant and does not need acceptance. Daenerys has so much power in the meantime that she can already decide objectively. She finishes the “refined” strategies of Tyrion. It also does not need acceptance. The stronger the power, the less is the consent of others. The role of the fair decider is taken by Ser Davos. For his mediation efforts, it is highly accepted. His action is of little importance. In the episode 7.5 you can observe the different styles of the decision well.

GoT 7.5

Jaime and Bronn survive the fall into the river. Now Jamie has to report back to Königsmund and his sister about the defeat. “We can not win this war. Daenerys has only used a dragon “. Cersei does not give up so fast. “I will fight – a soldier should do that too”. She estimates the situation wrongly and wants to continue with purchased mercenaries.

  • Emotional decisions can only happen by Chance.

Daenerys is standing before the defeated soldiers: “I grant you the choice. Bends the knee or dies “. For the most part, that’s what the majority do. Only father and son Tarly not. The dragon mother then burns them. After returning to Dragonstone, an emotional touch occurs. Jon caresses the face of Drogon with his hand. This makes this happen, just like a faithful pet. Daenerys: “The number of my enemies today is lower than yesterday”. Lord Varys and Tyrion disagree with the actions of their queen. Varys: “Your father has also burned people. I was only the bearer of the news. He has decided. ”

  • Decisions are the basis for strength.

Bran has a vision with the help of ravens again. He sees the undead marching to the east guard. He sends messages to both Jon and the Citadel. The Maesters discuss it and come to the conclusion that it is a list of Daenerys. It was intended to make the armies move northward, and thus open the way for kingship. Sam hears this discussion and turns on: “I’ve seen the King of the Night myself. Every citizen of the citadel is to search for scrolls over the wanderers “. He recommends the scholar to get Information.

  • The quality of the decisions depends on the situation / information.

Daenerys gives the legend of the “undead” more faith. She therefore agrees to a secret meeting between Tyrion and Jaime Lannister. One would like to convince Cersei of the deadly danger from the north and thus to a provisional armistice. The meeting was organized by Bron in the cellars of Königsmund. The first thing Jaime said to Tyrion: “I swore to cut you in half when I see you again.” Tyrion is now trying to prove his innocence. He does not succeed in any way with his father: “Father hated me because of what I am – a little monster.” In the end, Tyrion offers a truce on the part of the Targaryens.

  • Decisions can be right, even if they are not mine.

Jamie at Cersei is now reporting on the meeting. Cersei: “I agree to an agreement on an army of dead?” Despite all these myths and legends about dragons, night kings, undead and white wanderers, she agrees to cease armistice. “An agreement is in our immediate interest. We can only strike them with a cunning. ” And to Jaime: “Never leave me again!”

  • Do what is best at the moment

Samwell is angry at the Maesters of the Citadel. He was supposed to pick up as much information as possible about the white hikers on behalf of Jon Schnee. The arch-Maester, however, still leaves him with books. In the end, he takes relevant documents from the secret archives and leaves the citadel together with Goldie and his son.

  • A decision can be made by chance

In Winterfell, the intrigues are increasing. Petyr Baelish, as a little finger, tries to play the two strong sisters against each other. He manipulated the news from the ravens and used the castle staff for his purposes. In particular, both he and Arya build mutual traps. Each one believes in his own cunning. Arya has recognized that little fingering with manipulated messages Sansa wants to bring to his side. She therefore searches for the originals in the room of Petyr. He hid the message so that Arya could find it good. The content was also “gefaket” again. The information situation is very opaque for Sansa.

  • Information must be confidential, available, and integer

At the Ostwacht the group around Jon Schnee has arrived. They plan the action to capture an “undead”. During the preparation, three prisoners, who also want to go north, will be shown to them. It is the bloodthirsty and brotherhood of the “Lord of Light.” When asked why they were going out there, “Our Lord says that the Great War is coming. Here we are at the end of the world. It is about a higher determination “. So they march together now.

  • It takes courage and determination to go into a strange terrain

Security is unfortunately not a permanent condition. Ser Davos: “Worse is before us”

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