The Justice of the Queen – Events and Decisions


Content summary

  • Jon reaches Dragonstein and asks Daenerys to help fight the undead army. She rejects for the time being. Later, however, he can dismantle dragon glass.
  • Euron Graufreud we cheered in Koenigsmund because of the prisoners brought along.
  • Cersei poisoned Tyene Sand in the same way as did Ellaria Sand with her daughter. However, she has to watch until she decay.
  • At the same time, Tycho Nestoris from the Iron Bank calls for repayment of the debt. The Lennisters are bankrupt and have hardly allies.
  • In Winterfell, the grain stores are filled and winter equipment is made.
  • Kleinfinger gives Sansa philosophical advice that is of little practical use.
  • In Alassass, Jorah Mormont is cured of the Grauschuppen disease. Sam receives the recognition of the Maester. But get a punishment anyway.
  • Tyrion recommends the attack on Casterlystein through the sewer built by him.
  • Jamie is tactically wiser. He sacrifices the stone, destroys the Fleet of the Immaculate and conquers the castle Rosengarten of the Tyrells. Olenna Tyrell gets poison.
  • Cersei Lennister solidifies visibly.

Developments always follow a curve. Only for a long time flat and then, from a certain event, very steep. In the Zeitgeist line, developments in the flat part are called sensing and error. While sensing is a skill that only a few people have mastered, several have been involved in the experiment. In the course of the experimenting phase, there are always smaller and larger events. Very few lead to a sustainable change. In most cases it is only trifles that influence the happenings. You can not tell in the current situation what that is and therefore also not consciously trigger. In hindsight, from a distance and with sufficient knowledge of the system, it may be possible to recognize such a trigger.

It is best to explain the examples of time. PokemonGo is such a case. The game itself has been around for many years. But suddenly, in 2016, it became a hype. The streets were properly populated by ghost hunters. No one knows exactly what the cause or the trigger was. It would be too short, if one wants to justify it with the mobile version. Games on mobile devices were also many. Other examples are the “Ice Break Challenge”, the spinner, Tamagotchi, etc. Politicians want to bring about a departure or a turnaround at elections, which usually does not work. The GoT Season Seven is also at a turning point with Episode 3.

Jon Snow arrives at Dragonstone with a small entourage. First, he has contact with Tyrion Lennister: “It was a long way but we are both still there.” Life experience is always good when it comes to finding situations. Although this is not a guarantee, as Tyrion must be painfully taken note of at the end of this episode. Jon asks in the first audience at Daenerys for help in the fight against the “white hikers”. She ignores the danger from the north: “Do not trust any gods, myths or legends. I only trust in myself in Daenerys Targaryen “. Overestimation and narcissism are often a hindrance when it comes to the signals of the Zeitgeist. Jon replies: “The white hikers are real, I’ve seen them. You will reign over a cemetery if we do not defeat them. ” A conversation between Melisandre and Lord Varys takes place on the edge and completely unimportant. Varys wonders why she was not part of the audience. “I have brought ice and fire together. So my task and that is now done “. This, however, Lord Varys does not believe, because he sees in it a powerful, corrupt spiritualist. “Give the common people of power and it is like the lion of human meat costs. Nothing tastes so fine after that. ” Addiction could be a trigger for an exponential development. Play as mentioned above or as the title of the series just says.

Cersei just experienced a supreme satisfaction of their power needs. Euron Graufreud has brought her mother and daughter Sand as a war booty. There are those who promised gifts to his bridal. Cersei: “You will get what you want. However, only when the war is won “. Now she enjoys the revenge of Ellaria Sand and admits to her that you should not have any darling. However, it is all the more painful to lose it. Just as Cerseis’s daughter was poisoned, Tyene was to die. Cersei zu Ellaria: “Everyone makes decisions. You decided to kill my daughter. ” This was very painful at the time for Cersei and was still a small event. Our life is also a chain of choices. Most of them are not aware of this. It would also make no sense to think carefully about everything. Small decisions only become aware of us when they do great things. Then we say, “Thank God I have … OR I would not have …”. In this situation, Ellaria is sand now. She has to watch her daughter of Cersei being killed by a kiss with poisoned saliva. Furthermore, she has to watch her own daughter’s eyes. Neither in our time nor in the GoT complex are the secondary, long-distance, and time-displaced effects of decisions for humans to be recognized. We are often not intellectually capable of doing this. However, Cersei now has to solve a short-term problem.

Tycho Nestoris of the “Iron Bank” is to raise her debts. He congratulates the extermination of the “High Sparrow” and his religion and says: “Sometimes misfortunes are essential to restore power”. Whenever a system collapses, something new emerges. In the social system one can never say in which direction a development runs. Something many revolutionaries have experienced. The planned system of Karl Marx, in which the whole power was to emerge from the people, turned completely. Ultimately, it was the authoritarian Soviet dictators who embodied his legacy. Tyrion Lennister notes, “The mind of man is not suited for such great questions.”

In Winterfell the preparations for the winter begin. Sansa Stark proves to be a good leader. Kleinfinger recommends a somewhat incomprehensible leadership philosophy:
“Either the dead defeat the living. Then any problems have been solved or your life is successful, what is then? “And then directly to Sansa: “Fight neither in the north nor in the south, but lead the battle only in your mind, always and everywhere. Every man is your friend and your enemy. Any concatenation of events occurs simultaneously. Live after that and nothing will surprise you. Everything that comes will be as if you have already experienced it”. This philosophical wisdom from the mouth of Kleinfinger is irritating, also for Sansa. Perhaps it is a new, different attempt to win their love. If one knows the real interests of a person, its behavior is usually easy to explain. Kleinfinger, however, is too intelligent for such profane experiments. Therefore, it is only a guess about Kleinfinger, because we do not know his real interests so far. On Winterfell we have a second insignificant event. Bran Stark arrives there and there is a reunion with his sister. He confesses to her that he is the three-eyed raven: “I can see everything that has ever happened to anyone.” To what extent the philosophy of Kleinfinger and the three-eyed raven has an interaction, can not be seen yet. A Buddhist rule says that one should pay particular attention to small things. We can be curious what effects these two small events will have.

GoT 7.3

The great event in Episode 3 was the battle for Casterlystein. The strategy of Tyrion failed completely. As the queen’s hand, he recommended attacking the castle through the sewer. In the castle, however, there were only a few knights, which astonished “horror worm”. He realized very quickly that he had run into a trap. Jamie Lennister has sacrificed the “stone”, although his place of birth. With the bulk of the armed forces, he took “Rosengarten”. Ollenna: “From my mistakes, I probably will not learn anything now. My biggest mistake was lack of imagination – Cersei has more than I ever had. ” Thus Cersei had solved the gold of the Tyrells and their short-term problem with the “Iron Bank”. On the part of the Lennisters one is confident to be able to recapture Casterlystein again.

A little more has happened. On Sam’s old, Sam managed to heal the graying disorder of Jorah Momot. The ore master is proud of his student but he punishes him anyway. Samwell has to write down old scrolls for punishment. We might now suspect that this little thing affects the great happenings. In this episode there were so many small events that could be the trigger for great effects:

  • The people rejoice with Graufreud and his prisoners
  • Cersei’s promise of marriage
  • Asha Graufreud remains alive
  • Samwell needs to copy old scrolls
  • Sam hands Jorah’s hand
  • Cereal storage is too small
  • Equestrian equipment without warming leather
  • Barn Stark arrives on winter fur
  • Kleinfinger’s philosophy

Each of us is faced with unpleasant situations caused by trifles. Most of these are time-delayed or occur in a different context. Mindfulness and life experience (has everyone) is medicine against it.

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