GoT 7.2 Sturmtochter – The starting position


Content summary


  • Daenerys gathered on dragonstone allies. Among other things Lord Varys, Melisandre the red priestess, Olenna Tyrell, and much more. Tactical planning.
  •  She does not want to be a queen of the ashes, so she does not use the dragons. King Mulund is to be besieged by Westero’s own troops.
  • In the king’s mouth Cersei swears their allies. She warns the dragon and the cruelty of Daenerys. Dragon defense will be a huge crossbow.
  • In Winterfell two ravens arrive. From Samwell, that is on dragonstone dragon glass occurrences and from Tyrion the invitation to Daenerys.
  • In Altsass, Sam runs the boulder of Jorah Mormont according to a method he has found in the books of the Citadel. Everything secretly.
  • Arya Stark changes her plan as she learns that Winterfell is back in the hands of the Stark. On the way she meets the wolf Nymeria.
  • To defend the north, Jon needs snow dragon glass and dragons. Therefore, he travels to Daenerys on the dragonstone. A risky company.
  • Through a surprise attack, Euron Grayjoy destroyed Asha Greyjoy’s fleet and captured her. Theon fled with a leap into the water.


On the basis of Season 7 the work of the Zeitgeistes can be shown well. The right time is needed for every project. This also applies to the GoT room. According to the Zeitgeist model, things are slowly developing. Much is still in the dark, but you can already feel that “something bigger” is on the way. The appropriate term is “sensing”. Otto Scharmer uses this in his book “Theory U – Lead from the Future”. Scharmer calls on the leaders, the ability of the future, to lead the way out. Daenerys says in the strategic direction, “I’m not here to be a queen of the ashes.” This means that she does not want to use the dragons. On the other hand, Westeros was in ruins. The synchronicity with the current global situation could not be more dramatic. Whether Kim Yong-un and Donald Trump will do the same as Daenerys plans, will hopefully show (renouncing nuclear weapons). The red priestess, Melisandre, reports of a prophecy that: “The promised prince brings twilight.” At the same time, however, she notes: “Prophecies are dangerous.” This is because the other can always be the Prince; for example: Jon Snow.

Olenna Tyrell holds less of the try, she is equal for a final solution and says to Daenerys: “The others on Westeros are all lambs, you are a dragon, so be a dragon.” In addition, she does not believe the dragon kings will bring peace because “peace is never long-lasting”. War was also normal in our Middle Ages.

After the “sensing” the Zeitgeist brings with it a phase of the experiment. Daenerys tries to conquer the fortress of Kingsmouth by siege and starvation. This corresponds to the Trial & Error approach, as was customary in the Middle Ages. It was the science revolution that brought the experiment into being. Each experiment is described, measured and evaluated.

In most cases it is the weak points that lead to failure and usually it is human. This is also the case with “Gray Worm”, which admits his love for Missandei. With the words “You are my weak spot” he finds however for the time not the right access with her. The “weak spot” was a special method in his training as an “immaculate”. Those who were afraid of oceans were thrown into the water. “When he learns to swim well, if not well then,” explains Gray Worm. This has nothing to do with experimentation, it is about survival. In the end, he admits: “I was always the strongest, afraid of nothing. Now that you’re there, I know where my weak spot is. So far I was the strongest”.


In King Mouth Cersei swears her allies: “She – Daenerys – crucify the nobles and burn the population with kites”. Cersei itself wants to solve the problem with the dragons in their own way. She has an oversized crossbow made of steel. In a first attempt, in the cellars of royal mouth, she convinced herself of the effect of this weapon. The arrow pierces the skull of the dragon of Aegon, the conqueror. This approach corresponds more to an experiment, than to try one.

In Altsass, a completely different experiment is being carried out. Jorah Mormont has retreated there on behalf of Daenerys to heal his graucid soup infection. This has not yet been very successful, on the contrary, the scales have already spread to the upper body. Samwell in his altruistic commitment would like to help Jorah and seek the support of the ore – maester. He knows the disease, she has also studied and therefore knows that there is no cure. You do not need to try anything and he forbids Sam to continue to deal with it. Sam is secretly searching for information in the library. He will also find it and try out this procedure, in which the author died, at Jorah. This is, of course, a risk he is aware of, but he and Jorah do not have an alternative. So he starts the night with the scraping of the graffiti and the application of a medical ointment. Jorah: “Have you ever done this before? No, but otherwise no one dares “. Healing methods in the Middle Ages were very unscientific. In most cases, one and the same method has always been used without checking its effect. For example, the widespread bleeding was something like that. Even though it was a question of human life, less care and effort was spent at that time. From a humanist perspective, life and health are the highest values. This was different in the Middle Ages. A life here in this world has not been so much value. The duality of body and soul has a higher value. The real value consisted in a happy life in the hereafter.

Often it is only trifles that are decisive over the course of time. Arya Stark changes her plan when she was in a tavern. Her old friend “Hot Pate” tells us that in Winterfell the Boltons are not in power, but again the Starks. She decides to turn around and instead of riding south to her home in the north. What “small” triggers are those who can change the time-frame, if at all, in the aftermath. (See also Episode 7.3)

Jon Schnee is one of the few living, or like a resurrected, the “White Wanderer” himself has seen. He therefore knows about the enormous importance of dragon glass, and dragon, as the only effective weapon against it. So the two ravens are just right. Sam writes that there are large deposits of dragon glass on Drachstein. Tyrion wrote an invitation to Daenerys for Drachenstein. Jon is willing to go on this journey, but he encounters resistance at the royal council: “Ye have chosen me to be your king, and the north is a part of me. We must dismantle this dragon glass and forge weapons from it. ” Daenerys wants to win him as an ally against Cersei. Whether she already knows that the real danger comes from the north. Jon dare a dangerous experiment. Social experiments have the property that their output is hardly predictable. In a complex environment, one should be careful with experiments, even if they are scientific. Currently, the experiments on the human genome, artificial intelligence, or nuclear research, the outputs of which are completely open. Could be both for the benefit of all people, but also for their extinction.

In the highest danger, living creatures react via emergency programs. These are combat, escape, or dead spots. We have an example in this episode. When Eron Graufreud encounters the armada of his niece Asha, there is ultimately a two-man battle between these two. Actually, Theon should fight with and for her. He jumps into the water with great fear. Probably his prehistory also contributes decisively to this.

Excursion: GoT Room:

This term is used analogously to anthropological space. Not to be confused with physical or mathematical spaces. The anthropological space describes the areas populated by man, his culture, religion, the developed technique and the awareness about all that. Anthropologists today speak of three great “spaces”. These are HUNTER, WARRIOR and CONSUMER. We are now likely to experience the transition to a new epoch or a new anthropological space. The world of Game of Thrones is also well explained by the above parameters. The areas of Westeros and Essos, the religion “the sieves”, the sword as weapon and the value of life. This creates the “Game of Thrones Space”. You can imagine many other rooms. The Star Wars saga has also shown many examples with other forms of life.

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