GoT 7.1 Dragonstone – The initial position


Game of Thrones – Content summary

  • Arya Stark has fled from the “faceless” [6], is on the way to Kingsmouth and wants to kill the Queen Cersei there.
  • In the past, she poisoned all family members from Frey.
  • Jon Schnee now Mr. of Winterfell suspects an attack by the “white hikers”, looks for dragon glass and trains men and women to warriors.
  • In Klesi, Cersei faces a hopeless battle, only enemies and no resources for the horse and rider. The winter has come.
  • Unexpectedly, Euron Graufreud comes with 1000 ships. For his help against the Daenerys to be expected, he held his hand; She refuses.
  • Sam steals books about the “white hikers” and reads that the island dragonstone consists mainly of dragon glass and informs Jon about it.
  • The “Bluthund” has a vision. He sees in the fire like the “undead” on a fortress near the wall near the sea.

At the beginning of the seventh season, WESTEROS is facing a big battle. The alliances are designed and as many resources as possible. In the first episode the preparations for the different levels are shown. Leadership, allies, visions, information and divine skills are needed. How the individual groupings deal with this is described in the following.


1. Divine Abilities

Arya Stark has learned from the “faceless” to transfer personality profiles including their face from other people to themselves. With this ability, she invites as a “clone” of Walder Frey’s family member to a feast. After the speech, she lets out poisoned wine and says: “If only one wolf is alive, the sheep are never safe. Tell all the north does not forget and the winter has come to House Frey.” Arya Stark has divine qualities – in so far as she could appear in any person. In the real Middle Ages it was reserved for the devil. This had many advantages for the power exercised by the Church. Above all, system critics could be classified as possessed by the devil and, in the worst case, could also be handled. Probably Arya will continue to use this ability. She has great advantages with her enemy Cersei.

2. Lead and feel

In winter coat, Jon tries to win snow allies. He already has a group of wild animals and can use them in the west as a night watch. With the other decision, with respect to apostate families, Sansa Stark does not agree. She says to him, “You can rule well and respect them, but you must …”. Jon out: “Everything that comes before the word BUT, is a bunch of Sch.” Meanwhile, calls Queen Cersei the loyalty of the North and calls Jon King by mouth. Sansa warns him urgently, because she knows her former mother-in-law too well. Jon: “You speak of her as if she were a model for you.” Sansa: “I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Jon is a proven fighter and leader, while Sansa knows the intrigues of the royal court. As a result she fears the revenge of the queen and he the “night kings”. With the skills of lead and feel they could complement each other quite well.

3. Allies and relationships

In Koenigsmund, Cersei and Jaime Lennister discuss the situation. She notes: “We are surrounded by traitors. Enemies in the north, east, west, and wherever you look only enemies – we are alone “. In fact, the situation for Lennisters has deteriorated dramatically. Cersei and Jaime are the only survivors from the family. At least four of the seven kings refuse the support and the winter has also come. Jaime sees the situation even more dramatically: “No food for riders and horses. Not even Lennisters can survive without allies. We can not win this war alone “. In the real, medieval society, it was the network of the ruler who cared for his power. Unlike today’s networks, only family members and relatives were in this system. Strangers found no place in it. Therefore, either not be there or marry. For Cersei, it was clear: “For what I learned forty years from my father. I have invited Euron Graufreud. He will come with his armada and help us “. For Jaime for the time being incomprehensible: “But why should he do that?” She: “Because he is looking for a queen”. When Graufreud stops for her hand, she lets him flash. This is the tactics of a woman who knows she has already won this game. Graufreud: “I wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in the world as a small boy. I will come back with a gift where you can no longer say no.” The two Lennisters have not yet allies, but they are masters in relationship management. They should be well equipped.

4. Knowledge and information

Knowledge in the Middle Ages was predominantly implicit and only very rarely recorded. In the High Middle Ages, the Vatican Library and the Library in Toledo had books. The GoT citadel to Altsass, where Sam studied, is more akin to the Moorish institutions in Spain. In the time around 1200 AD. A very open culture of Christians, Muslims and Jews developed there. The Moors then brought the knowledge of the Greeks and Arabs. There was almost liberalism there. The Maester to Sam: “Everyone in the citadel doubts everything. So also in your encounter with the undead “. This methodology of “doubt” would have been fatal in Rome. The citadel is seen as an independent database. The Maester: “We are the memory of the world. Otherwise, we would not be better than dogs who still remember the last meal and, in the best case, the next one in mind. “Sam finds the desired information about the dragon glass there. Now it was necessary to bring these discoveries to Jon’s north as quickly as possible. As usual in GoT, ravens are used. Anyone who had information and communication, in the Middle Ages, had advantages in the strategic lineup.

5. Resources

Daenerys Targaryen lands with her quarreling on dragon stone. In the current list, she has the best resources and can calmly plan the conquest of Westeros. Resources are not equal resources. Their value is different in the different anthropological spaces (development stages of mankind). The following table provides an overview.

Hunter              Herds, weapons, Sippen
Warriors           Territories, army, slaves
Consumers      Money, raw materials, factories
Intelligents       Data, algorithms, information
Spirituals          Knowledge, wisdom, being

GoT plays in the space of the “Warrior”. Territories and armies are the resources in Westeros. In Essos the slaves and the three dragons are added. It was hardly conceivable for a ruler to wage war and win without armies. We are in the room of “Intelligents” just at the jump to it. The AI ​​soldier and the drone controlled by him make the old resources obsolete. Daenerys Targaryen has probably the best starting point, referring to the resources. This does not mean that she will be the winner.

6. Vision

Starting from Babylon of the 4000 BC. The people of antiquity believed that their future was hidden in the stars. In the real Middle Ages this methodology was strictly forbidden by the Church. The only truth was in the Bible. Thus, each culture has developed its own methods for dealing with uncertainty and future. Cards, dreaming, I Ching etc. are known to us – from the fire do not read. When the Bluthund and the priest of the “Brotherhood without Banner” were asked to look into the fire: “I see only burning fire.” He is an autonomous / atheist and has nothing left for fire worshipers. The second time he saw a pattern in the fire. He sees the “undead”, along the wall, to march on a fortress. This is happening on the west coast. Whoever can best anticipate the future has good conditions for a battle. This will be urgently needed by the Northern Men against the ghost warriors anyway.

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