Amiercan gods

GitGone – The observer decides on old and new

In this episode, no new “old gods” come to America. Mainly, the causes of Shadow’s stay in prison are dealt with here. It must be at least three years ago when Shadow visited a casino and tried to cheat the croupier with a little professional trick. This was a young lady, not by chance Laura. She is looking through this, but does not give it price. So they get to know each other.

Laura shares her apartment with her cat, which is watching movies on TV during the day. From the initial love relationship, a long-term relationship arises and they marry. Shadow has found the happiness of his life – Laura much less, she is still looking. One morning, after getting up, she comes back to the idea, which Shadow had originally pursued with the visit to the casino, namely to rob it. Laura: “Nothing can happen, is a sure-fire plan”. After many objections, Shadow agrees, they start the coup and as we know they are caught. Shadow takes the entire responsibility out of love for Laura and goes to jail. However, under the promise that she is waiting for him.

The Casino was decorated in the Egyptian look & feel. The interior of the casino, the cat who dies later, and Laura herself, who is dead and alive, might give us a clue to a new goddess in America. In the constellation cat and “dead and alive” you can quickly get to the Austrian Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger. Schrödinger, a thought experiment at the beginning of the 20th century, with which he tried to explain the superposition of quanta. In particular, the relationship between micro- and macro-blight. He construed purely mentally a device in which a decaying radioactive atom is connected to a servo drive via a sensor. As soon as the Geiger counter detects the decay, it activates a hammer that crushes a cyanide bottle and kills the cat. All this in a black box. From outside it is not always possible to say whether the decay has already begun and the cat is already dead or still alive. It assumes a superposition, whereupon both states occur simultaneously with a corresponding probability. Similar to Laura, who is dead and alive at the same time. It may be that Neil Gaiman has introduced the new god “Quantus”. The technical boy and the media cover almost everything, so there is hardly room for other gods. From a spiritual perspective, quantum mechanics provides impulses for a spiritual development.

The “comic” behavior, like the superposition of quanta, is valid only in the microcosm of the atomic and subatomic realm. Does not apply to our experience. Nor can we imagine the Makrowelt with its time dilation. These two manifestations, however, are the norm in the world of the gods. These beings are often human and God at the same time. Jesus was defined in the Council of Nicaea as “man and God unmixed and undivided”. Obviously, it is the viewpoint from which one looks at the cosmos, which is decisive for experience. From our point of view, quantum elements behave incomprehensibly. If we could move the location to this location, we might understand this world. But this is not purely physical. However, we can penetrate our consciousness into any other world. In another thought experiment, we could now stand outside our universe and observe ourselves. Probably we would show “comical” behavior for the observer as well as the quanta. From this point of view, then, at the same time, dead and alive would be normal. As a result, we should cautiously deal with fundamental attitudes about “a life after death” as well as “after death is everything”.


Not the temporal determines whether gods are old or new, but their observation. This requires an observer who can change his position. The only thing that is capable of this is our consciousness. Out of my cosmos, it can occupy positions inside and outside it. In order to understand the struggle between the old and the new gods, one must enter into them as well as beyond. Laura Moon shows us how to do that.

Laura Moon finds insects obviously disturbing. Are you too?! Using an insect spray of the brand GitGone (Hinfurt), she gets rid of this disturbing annoyance. She meditatively looks at the stunned, falling, and dying flies. This inspires her and tries out in the tube bathtub on herself. This is similar to a Samadhi tank. Warm water, silence, complete darkness and with salt also some weightlessness. In this she is now spraying GitGone and so on the trip to another world. She plays with life – is just a Player.

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